An Open Conversation

‘An Open Conversation’is a feature length documentary that explores the emotional reality that woman face when they miscarry.

Miscarriage, while very common, is a topic that is shroud in shame and secrecy. The results are millions of women who are left to deal with their grief alone.

When so much grief and loss go unnoticed by an entire society how do those with invisible scars heal?

Three women set out to start a conversation about the issueas they go on a journey that will shed light on the isolating effects of miscarriage by sharing their stories through interviews and their day-to-day interactions.

We will also follow these brave women as the undergo art therapy and take a closer look as they find their way to express their pain and gather the strength to heal and mourn.

The goal is to have several art therapy sessions in different cities in Canada, which will culminate in an open exhibit of all the artwork on Oct 15 2018, International pregnancy and infant loss awareness day.

This documentary sets out to raise awareness of the ever-growing stigma and make miscarriage ‘an open conversation’.